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Multi-Phase Anticatabolic Protein Blend*
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MHP’s UltraBuild is a premium multi-phase protein driven by 6 fast-acting and sustained release proteins, plus a potent dose of anti-catabolic branched chain keto acids (BCKAs) and HICA. This unique what you see is what you get formula, has no hidden ingredients or proprietary blends and will support superior lean muscle mass, strength and recovery.*

√ Best-In-Class, Fully Disclosed, 6 Phase Protein*

√ 25g Protein—6 Phase Anabolic Protein Blend

√ 6g BCAA’s, 3g Leucine & 4.5g Glutamine & Precursors

√ Unique BCKA Matrix Lowers Protein Breakdown & Spares BCAAs*

√ 500mg HICA

√ Increases Strength & Muscle Mass*

√ Speeds Recovery & Reduces Soreness*

√ 500mg HICA – Speeds Recovery & Manages Soreness.


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